Search Engine Optimization | SEO Free Guide 2021

In this Article I've tried to cover the main and basic parts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is very important to do Seo of your website or social media profiles for better ranking and results in this competition era.

SEO Guide | Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization, this means to optimize your content according to search engine demands so that search engines can show your content on top with respect to certain keyword you want to rank for. Most people think that SEO is just related to ranking on Google but it is not true. SEO is basically related to every platform where ranking matters, It may be Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, Instagram etc.

It is said that google uses 200+ ranking factors in their algorithms and if you want to rank you have to organize your website and its content according to these factors which is basically doing SEO.

As Google is the biggest search engine so most people think that SEO is just related to that and most people want to rank on google because of its traffic and benefits.

First I'll tell you basic SEO tips and factors for all search engines and platforms later on I'll focus on SEO for ranking on Google.

What Seo basically mean?

If we talk about basic and overall SEO. If you want to rank on any platform for any Keyword or niche you have to focus your content to that particular niche this is because content is one of most powerful factors in SEO. Here the question comes: how to focus your content?

Let's suppose you want to rank your Instagram page on any Keyword. Add that Keyword in your Bio, in username, in name, in captions, in the filename of images or videos you upload, in the alt text of images, you have to create content which people will engage more, you have to create content that will get more shares etc.

I hope this example has clarified the basic concept of SEO. This example was related to a social media platform.

Optimize Your website Try to add your target Keyword or niche in your domain, Title or name and meta description of your website also need to be optimized for your niche and keyword. Also for social media optimize your username, name, bio, description etc. According to your niche and Keyword.

Black Hat SEO :

In black hat seo basically you try shortcuts to rank your site by breaking Google rules. It mostly focuses on google algorithms for ranking and try to achieve ranking by anyway whether it is legal or illegal. Mostly Black Hat SEO doesn't target good user experience. One example of black hat SEO is to do too much Keyword stuffing, it may give you ranking quickly but it is also very risky because google can penalize your website and it may disappear from search results completely. don't use black hat seo because it is harmful and risky. You may get short term ranking and results but you may also be banned permanently because you are breaking search engine rules.

White Hat SEO :

Using legal techniques which are not  breaking search engine rules is white hat seo. It may take time to give you results but it can also give you long term results. It is not risky and harmful for your website. Doing seo within limits provided by search engines, not breaking rules, not going for shortcuts, not using illegal tactics is White Hat SEO. Always use white hat seo to get good and long term results.

Grey Hat SEO :

As grey is Colour between black and white same the grey hat seo, using mixture of white hat and black hat seo techniques is grey hat SEO. It is less harmful than black hat seo but it is harmful because you are using some black hat techniques and in future it may lead to black hat SEO. Inshort features and effects of grey hat fall between white hat and black hat seo. 

Search Engine Crawlers and Indexing :

Search engines don't crawl and index your webpages by humans but they have bots or crawlers which follow search engines rules and algorithms to rank and index sites. Every search engine has a set of rules and algorithms in which they continuously  make changings according to need and situation. Nobody knows their algorithms completely because if anyone will get access to their algorithms completely, he/she will try to use their algorithms for their purposes negatively or positively. This is why algorithms are main secrets of search engines and they continuously create changes in their algorithms. 

Let's move to SEO for Google or other search engines. I'll try to guide you best according to my knowledge and info. Google Bots crawl and index your page according to instructions and algorithms and after that they rank your page if it qualifies.

Crawl : when crawlers visit your page and understand the Content present on it, it is crawling.

Index : Crawlers gather information like Keywords, quality, content on your page, it is indexing. In indexing the search engine basically understands and analyzes your content to show it on the search engine.

Ranking : After crawling and indexing the final step comes in which search engine bots have to rank your page according to the indexed data and qualification of the website content.

SEO Parts/Divisions

Three main divisions :

  • On-Page SEO

  • Off-Page SEO

  • Technical SEO

Some Other divisions :

  • Local SEO

  • Voice Search SEO

  • eCommerce SEO

  • Mobile SEO

  • Their are also some others parts

One-Page, Off-page, Technical SEO are three main parts of search engine optimization of your Website/Blog so I'll try to discuss them in detail and I'll also try to discuss other parts like Local, Voice Search, eCommerce SEO etc. 

Three Main Parts

If we move toward three main parts of SEO, we have On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO. I'll discuss them step by step.

One-Page SEO

One-Page SEO is basically related to parts of your Website/Blog which are presented directly on your website. You can guess this by the name "one-page" which obviously means all types of content on your page. Some parts of On-Page SEO :

  • Content

  • Title

  • Meta Description 

  • Headings

  • Images

  • Linking

Now we will discuss each part step by step :

Content :

You have to optimize the content you provide on your webpages, articles etc. Now we will also divide this into parts.

Keywords : add your keywords in your content properly by using some strategy in such a way that your content shouldn't be overcrowded by keywords because if you will overcrowd the target Keyword in your content, Google may think you are using black hat seo which is obviously not good. Try to keep your target Keyword density around 1-2 % in your content this means in every 100 words of content you are using your target keyword 1 to 2 times and in 1000 words content 10 to 20 times. 

First 60 words : First 60 words of your content are very Important in seo so try to optimize your first 60 words properly.

Quality : keep the quality of your content as high as you can because the quality of your content is very Important in SEO of your site and helps a lot in ranking of your content. Google wants to improve its user experience and by providing its users for what they are looking for and users obviously want quality, so google is continuously updating its algorithms to rank quality content on top to increase good user experience. You can answer this question by questioning you when you go on Google and search for something and top results are not answering your questions and are not good in quality and Google obviously doesn't want its users to experience this.

Unique : Why will Google rank your content if you are providing the same type of content that is already ranking? Obviously there is no need for google until your content is unique than their content and high in quality content.

Length or quantity : Length of content is also an important part of SEO that helps in ranking. Try to keep your content as long as you can provide quality content. Now how long should you write content to rank on a particular Keyword? It is simple, analyze the length of top ranking web results on that particular Keyword and try to keep your content longer than their content with quality.

Organizing Content : Organize Your content in such a way that user want to read it and user can understand it easily for example, try to provide proper headings, don't write too long paragraphs instead of that divide it in parts, don't repeat same thing again and again until it is necessary, organize your content in parts in such a way that user can distinguish between different parts of your content easily.

Quality of Language : Quality of language matters a lot in keeping good user experience. Suppose you are providing content by using complicated and difficult words which a common man cannot easily understand. What will he do obviously leave your website and go to some other, so try to keep your content language to such that the common visitor can understand it easily. Visitors shouldn’t need high quality vocabulary and grammar knowledge to understand your content. 

Now you will think how this will help in ranking because although the user is unable to understand it but you are getting clicks and views? When a user finds your content helpful and easily understandable, he will spend more time on your website which will hint to Google that your user is finding your content helpful that is why they are spending more time which will help in ranking of your content.

Bounce rate : is defined as the rate of users leaving your website without or taking any action or users are spending very less time on your website. If you have a high bounce back rate google will think that your content is not helpful for users which will obviously affect the quality of your website in the eyes of Google.

If we bind our content topic, inshort try to keep your content good with respect to users and google, almost all parts of content have been discussed above.

Title :

Optimizing your title for google and users is very important. If you have a micro-niche website then also optimize your website name according to particular niche. Let's talk about the title of the content.

Length of title : It is recommended to keep your title around 60 characters.

Keyword : Try to use your Keyword properly in your title. Try to use one primary Keyword (Main Keyword) and one secondary Keyword (2nd Keyword). Analyze the top ranking site titles and then create your title. If you do Keyword stuffing in the title it will create bad effects in front of Google eyes and if you will not add Keyword properly it will affect conversion rate.

Meta Description :

Meta Description of Your website and content is among top seo factors. Optimize your website with respect to the niche of your Website/Blog and your content according to the content target Keyword.

Length : keep Meta Description around 150 characters.

Keyword : Try to use the target Keyword around 3 times in meta description and use it in such a way that it should not look Keyword stuffed. 

Headings : 

Headings also play a very Important role in SEO and ranking, there are basically 6 levels of heading. H1 to H6 try to make use of all these because it is very helpful in SEO.

H1 is basically the main heading shown on your page so you can say that it is head of headings. Use your main targeted keyword in the first heading.

Then after H1 other headings are also important at their places, don't use the main Keyword directly in all headings but try to use secondary Keywords and other related keywords in h2 to h6 headings.

Headings keep a big role in SEO so take it serious and optimize headings properly.

Images : 

Image optimization is also very Important. Follow the following tips to optimize images.

Image Size : Try to keep the size of the image file small but don't go for so small that image quality gets too low and it puts a bad expression on users. If your image file size is high it will affect load speed of your site.

Image filename : put your target Keyword in the filename of the image . This looks like a tiny part in seo but remember little drops combine to make a huge sea.

Alt text : Also put your targeted Keyword in the alt-text of the image it also helps in seo.

Caption : if you want to add the caption of the image try to add the target Keyword in it.

I have discussed almost all factors that help in one-page seo. Remember a brief definition of on-page  SEO is to optimize your content according to google perspective and also according to users perspective. This means when Google crawls your content it should like your content and improve your content ranking and when users visit your page they should find your content helpful and they should have a good experience on your page.

external linking : Adding others links in your articles to make it helpful for audience is also very important, suppose you are talking about "best methods for affiliate Marketing" but not about what affiliate Marketing mean, now suppose someone reading your article wants to know what affiliate Marketing is for him, you can add link of another website article on "affiliate Marketing" in your article so when someone on your website clicks that link he will be directed to that website which will be helpful for him.

Internal Linking : When you visit any website article, you have seen that they have added links of their other pages/articles in that article. This helps them to divert some of their audience on that article to their other articles. It is also helpful when crawler visits your article (as I've told before that when crawler crawls any page it collects links on that page and add to them in crawling list) so in the same way if you have done internal linking and crawler visits one of your page, there are more chances that your other pages links on that page will also be crawled. Internal linking is also helpful in seo. It can expose your other pages to audience and crawlers.

Off-Page SEO :

Off-Page SEO is basically not directly related to your on-page content. As off page hints off the page, there are also many factors of off-page SEO.

Backlinks : In seo backlink is basically defined as when another website or page links to your website or any page of your website so when google bots/crawlers come to their website your link on their website guides the crawler to your website, which obviously helps in crawling, indexing, ranking of your Website/Blog. If you question about head of Off-Page SEO? Backlinks are answers. Backlinks are the most important part of Off-Page seo and it plays a very important part in ranking and seo, I have said very important this means very important. 

There are basically two types of Backlinks :

  1. Dofollow backlink

  2. Nofollow backlink

Dofollow backlink : Dofollow  backlink are links which guide crawlers to your website and it affects SEO and ranking. As dofollow name suggest to follow. How does the Dofollow backlinks help in seo? As you know google bots and crawlers crawl and index webpages. Now think if your website link is provided on the webpage crawler is crawling, when he will find your web link on that page, he will add your link in crawling list and your content will be crawled. 

Nofollow backlink : It is another type of backlink in which instructions are added to code html code which signal the search engine bots or crawlers that don't count that link in their crawling list or simply crawlers don't follow that link due to instructions provided to them in html code of that link. 

Dofollow backlink are directly helpful in seo and ranking, while nofollow backlink may affect in some way but it doesn't affect directly, so try to go for dofollow  backlinks. Nofollow backlinks are also important because if you will only create dofollow backlinks google may think that you are using black hat SEO techniques which is obviously not good for your site. Dofollow backlinks are very important but also make some nofollow backlinks to decrease risk of google penalty. 

Remember while creating backlinks don't just focus on backlinks for articles/posts/pages also make some backlinks for home page and website main url.

Backlink Quality Factors :

Anchor Text : When your site or page link is provided on another website it can be written in two ways, one is to provide the url directly and other is to link some words with your url. 

The text which is connected to your url is also very important in SEO because Google also considers that text or words. If the anchor text is your target Keyword or it contains some part of your target Keyword then obviously it will be more helpful than anchor text not related to your target Keyword. 

Backlink Website Niche : If you are getting a backlink from a website whose niche is related to your niche it will be more effective than the backlink you are taking from a website whose niche is not related to your niche.

Authority : Domain form website who has high domain authority,page authority and overall authority is  better than the one whose da, pa and overall authority is low.

Backlink Quality : Quality of the backlinks matter a lot. If you are getting 10 backlinks from low quality websites and some other website is getting 10 backlinks from high quality websites obviously there is a big difference between both backlinks. I have discussed this example to make you realize that the quality of backlinks is also a very Important factor. 

It doesn't mean that low quality backlinks are not important, if you have a chance of getting low quality backlinks don't miss that chance but try to get high quality backlinks. 

Backlinks are considered to be the most important part of SEO after content and one-page seo. Try to focus on backlinks because they are very important in ranking, the more your website has backlinks the more chances for good ranking but content quality should be good and unique.

If you will only focus on dofollow backlinks and you have no or very less nofollow backlink google may think that you are using black hat seo techniques so try to get some nofollow backlinks to prevent google penalty. 

If you talk about low quality backlink they contribute less and high quality backlinks from high authority websites contribute more in seo. In short every backlink is helpful in SEO and ranking but quantity of contribution depend on quality.

Now we will discuss about some Ways/Strategies to build backlinks :

Organic and automatic Backlinks : Best way to get automatic and organic backlinks is to write such a level of content that people automatically share your links and provide you backlinks by adding your links on their website content. It is the best way to get backlinks because you don't need extra efforts of requesting someone to provide you backlink.

If you will provide helpful content which answers people's questions and help them to solve their queries. People will automatically share your content, You can clear this concept by thinking about when you write any article/post you add external links in your content. You add these links to help your audience in providing them links for  more information.

In the same way when you will write helpful and quality content people will also add your links in their content. You will also get social shares which are also very contributive in seo and ranking because Google also considers social signals.

Paid Backlinks : If you have some investment and want high quality backlinks for your website easily and quickly than It is an easy way because most websites will be ready to provide you backlink if you are paying them. You have to follow some simple steps.

  1. Find websites related to your niche.

  2. Find their contact or email address and ask them for a paid backlink and try to complete your deal with them.

  3. If your deal is successful, you will get backlink.

But you will need investment in this process, don't worry there are other ways for you to get backlinks without investment but you will need some more hard work and time investment.

Guest Posts : Some websites offer you guest posts free of cost and some provide paid guest posts. If you have investment go for paid guest posts and if you have no investment go for free guest posts. 

  1. Find websites providing free or paid guest posts.

  2. Ask them for paid/free guest posts.

  3. If they agree.

  4. Write guest post on their website and add your website backlinks in post. You can also take other advantages from guest posting like advertising your products, brand etc.

Guest posting is a good way to get backlinks although you have to put in some extra effort. It is also more beneficial because you can get more than one backlink and other benefits.

Broken link building technique : One of most effective methods to create backlink for your site is to find broken links on other sites, I'll explain to you how to use this method.

  1. Find websites related to your niche and topic.

  2. You have to find broken external links in their website, because almost all websites do external linking and in some cases pages they have linked to are deleted or removed, sometime they create changes in their URLs so when you click such type of external links on websites they end up showing error page mostly "404 error" these links are called broken links, these type of links are not good for websites because they affect user experience and seo.

  3. You can do this manually or you can use tools to find pages with broken links related to your niche.

  4. Now you can contact them and inform them about broken links you have found on their website and in addition to this you have to provide them your link (with content similar to that broken link) asking them to exchange that broken link with your link.

  5. In this method there are more chances for you to get backlinks because you have done favour for that website and you have helped them so there are more chances that they will reward you for your favour to them.

It looks difficult and complicated but it can also be very beneficial and is free of cost. 

Helping Reporters : There are platforms like HARO where you can help reporters by finding content for them and working with them in their projects. You can contribute with journalists and other people looking for your Services and if your contribution gets approved then you will be rewarded with a dofollow backlink. I'll add some of the best websites where you can avail this opportunity.

Commenting on websites : People usually think that commenting is not effective and is spam, it is helpful but remember within limits don't go for so much commenting backlinks that Google think you are doing black hat SEO. Try to go for commenting strategy in starting and use high authority websites to use this technique. I don't recommend this backlinks strategy but it is a good technique if you are new and just started. Remember within limits because most people try to cross limits and crossing limits is mostly dangerous.

Social Media : Try to create your website social media pages on all Popular social platforms. As you know social media users are increasing continuously so there is a big social media audience. You can use this audience to grow your business. 

Almost all social media platforms offer you to add your links to your profile or posts so when you add your link to their you are getting a backlink and when someone clicks on that link and visits your site it will produce social media signals which helps a lot in seo and ranking. You can also use social media for different legal business purposes. 

Exchange Backlink Method : It is also a good way of getting backlink although you mostly get low quality backlinks in this method but I have told you that all types of backlinks are helpful although high quality are more helpful. This technique is very useful in starting.

  1. You have to search for other new websites and webpages similar to your niche.

  2. Now you have to contact them and ask them to exchange backlinks as it will benefit both of you.

  3. Exchanging backlinks mean you will provide backlinks to them and in return they will provide backlinks to you.

  4. Most new websites will agree easily because it will also help them in getting backlinks.

This method is very helpful and a working method for beginners, you can make this method effective through social media communities of web owners and web learners because there you can easily find people to exchange backlinks. Facebook groups are my recommendation.

Free Backlink Requests : In this free method you have to request other websites to give free backlink, you will be thinking why they will provide free backlink? Obviously it isn't not so easy because in this era taking free backlinks is not easy but it is still working. 

  1. You have to write an amazing and unique article/post with high quality content.

  2. You have to find websites with similar content, try to find a bunch of websites because only a few will provide you backlink.

  3. Create a professional type email template, this means you will not say directly that this is my article and provide me backlink! You have to go professionally like first you have to say some  words for his website then tell him, your that article doesn't contain any external link at such point and I have content on similar topic, if you will add my link there then it will be helpful for your audience etc. In short you have to do it professionally but be humble.

  4. Create a list of the website contacts. Send bulk emails to those websites and wait for their response.

This will need more extra efforts but remember it is free of cost. This method success rate mostly depends on your email template and content but researching proper websites to request for backlinks is also important.

I've tried to discuss all main methods, there may be some other ways to create backlinks so go for any method because your focus is to create backlinks.

I want to share some ways to get free dofollow backlinks :

Guest posting sites : Find some free guest posting sites which offer your to do guest post with your dofollow backlinks without spending any money.

Profile Creation : Creating your profile on any website is not very difficult, it becomes more easy if you are getting dofollow backlink through it. There are many platforms where you can add links in your profile so find some websites where you can get free dofollow backlinks through your profile.

Article Submission Sites : Go for the best free article submission websites where you can submit your articles and get dofollow backlinks without spending a single buck.

Forum Submission Sites : There are a bunch of high DA forum Submission websites where you can get a dofollow backlink for your website free if cost.

By commenting : you have to find websites where dofollow backlink commenting is enabled. Commenting is an old method but is still working.

There are also many other ways to get free dofollow backlinks but you have to do some search and find a list of best ones.

As I've told  before, nofollow backlinks are also important especially if you are getting traffic from those nofollow backlinks. Following are some sites where you can get free nofollow backlinks + Traffic but remember nofollow backlinks can lead to dofollow backlinks.

Quora : It is a social media platform where people come to find solutions to their problems, people add their questions on this platform and other community members answer their questions. Most of their pages have good ranking because their website authority is very good. 

When you answer any question on this platform, you can also add links in the answer content, You can use this option by adding your links in the answers. As I've said before, most quora pages have very good rankings so it'll also provide you good traffic through your links in answers. 

Tip : When you write any answer on quora don't write a complete answer only add a small part of it then add your link asking the audience to click on this link for full answer or more info.

Medium : It is also a type of blogging platform, where you can write articles and they have good website authority and their many articles have also good ranking. Medium also offers you other earning ways but currently we are talking about backlinks, You have to write articles in this platform with your links added in it and you will get backlinks + traffic from their built in Community or organic Google traffic. Suppose your medium article gets ranked on google, you can think about benefits.

Tip : Add a small part of your article in your medium article and add your links in the article and make the audience click the links by using different strategies.

Pinterest : Among top social media platforms pinterest is also very popular, the extra benefit of this platform is that it's posts (Pins) also rank on google. It is an amazing option for you because it allows you to add your links to your pins (posts) so when a user will click it he/she will be directed to the website whose link was added. 

Twitter : It is also among leading social media platforms so try to take benefits from this platform. It also allows you to add links in every post and by using hashtags your post can reach a big audience.

Instagram : almost every social media user is familiar with two platforms Facebook and Instagram, one drawback of Instagram is that it only allows you to add one link, which is added in bio. You cannot add links in your posts but you can use the option of adding link in your bio. If you reach 10k followers then another Amazing feature gets unlocked for you by which you can add a link in the story so when the user will swipe up the story he/she will be directed to link.

Facebook : One of most popular social media platforms is facebook where you have many options to use for your Website/Blog. You can create your own pages, groups and community where you can add or share your links. You can also join groups and pages.

Tip : Social Media platforms are a very good source of traffic and backlinks, different social media platforms offer you different features and options, try to use all available features for better results. Try to test all popular social media platforms because social media users are increasing day by day.

Let's move to next part of our seo guide/course

Technical SEO : 

Technical seo is also very important like other divisions of seo discussed above. Technical seo is basically optimization of websites technically. It is not related to content present on your website but you have to focus on technical related topics in technical seo.

In technical optimization we have to optimize the website structure in such a way that search engine crawlers should face any difficulty in crawling and accessing our website content, it includes infrastructure of website, robot.txt, XML sitemap etc. You have to technically organize your website and its content in such ways that search engine bots and users should not face any hurdles in accessing and reaching your website.

  • Site Structure 

  • Security 

  • Speed

  • Robot.txt

  • XML Sitemap

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Duplicate Content

  • hreflang

Site Structure : Your site and content on it should be organized in such a way that search engine crawlers should face any difficulty in crawling your website. Organize your content in proper categories. Inshort optimize your site architecture in such that search engine crawlers shouldn't face any hurdles in crawling and indexing process. Think if your content is not organized in proper categories and subcategories specially if your website revolves around different niches and categories then crawlers have to make some extra efforts.

Url Structure : It is very important to optimize your URLs properly to make it user and crawler friendly. Try to add your target Keywords in the url properly and organize your url in proper structure. 

Example : 

In this url their is logical flow from domain to category to subcategory. Try to use lowercase letters in url because uppercase letters in url may cause issues like url duplication. 

XML Sitemap : it is basically a blueprint of your Website/Blog or file which lists your web content in XML format, it guides and helps search engines to crawl and index your website content easily. It helps search engine crawlers to reach all your website content. Sitemap is basically a file that contains information about pages, videos, files and other content of a website which website owners want search engines to crawl and index. Inshort XML sitemap is a list of websites URLs which make it easy for crawlers to reach, crawl and index your content. XML sitemap doesn't guarantee that all your content will be crawled and indexed but adding xml sitemap to your website helps in crawling and indexing. 

Security : In this era of advanced hacking and growing ratio of cybercrimes search engines want your website to be fully secure for users because security is demand of users and search engines give priority to users' experience. Try to secure your website in every aspect. 

Secure your website by Https which is a secure version of Http. Switching from Http to Https is very important because Google considers it as a ranking signal. Https show Google and users that your website is secure for them. Https encrypts information to secure connections and prevent attackers from attacking. If you are not using SSL Certificate or HTTPS then google will show an unsecured icon when someone will visit your website beside the url. This will obviously put a bad impression on the users who are visiting your website. You can say that HTTPS is necessary to use nowadays as I've told you before that google now considers Https as a ranking signal. 

If you are using any CMS for your blog or website then most CMS offer you plugins. There are many Security plugins especially if you're using the Wordpress CMS platform. Try to install best rates and good Security Plugins to secure your Website/Blog. 

Duplicate Content : If there is duplicate content on your website it can also cause problems. Try to take a look at duplicate content on your Website/Blog so that it cannot cause any problem in ranking and SEO. If your different urls contain the same content or different URLs are ranking for the same content try to remove this issue because it can affect your ranking and seo negatively.

If you own a big website then you can use tools to check duplicate content on your website or you can check it manually but it is obviously difficult to check all your content and point out duplicate so you can use tools to check it. 

Remember to try to remove hurdles which will produce confusion for the crawlers and search engine and cause any problem for them in crawling and indexing the website content. Specially remove duplicate URLs and content which is ranking on duplicate URLs because it can produce a bad impact on search engines.

Speed : Web speed is very important in seo and ranking of your website. As I've told you many times that search engines want good user experience so if you have low speed of your website then obviously this produces a bad impact on users. You can answer yourself how much you wait when you search on the search engine and then click on any result and if the website you clicked is taking a long time to load? Obviously most of you will go back and go for any other web result. This is why google or any search engine wants you to speed up your website for good user experience. 

Now a question arises: how would you speed up your website loading time? I have some tips for you to go for. 

  • Servers response time and quality matters a lot in loading speed of your Website/Blog, so improve your servers quality or choose good hosting for your Website/Blog for better speed and better technical SEO.

  • If you are using CMS platforms like wordpress then use fast themes which are optimized for fast speed, also use fast plugins for better website speed.

  • Compress File sizes if your website so that there will be less load leading to more speed. You can use softwares for this process.

  • Optimize your code by Removing unnecessary characters, commas etc. from your website coding, this will also improve your loading speed.

  • You can use caching plugins which also help in boosting Website/Blog loading time.

  • Optimize images by using different formats like PNG, JPEGS etc. According to your need. You can also compress images to minimize their size which can also contribute to SEO by increasing loading speed.

  • I recommend you don't upload videos directly to your blog/website. Instead of this you can embed videos because mostly videos are large in size, which can put too much load on websites and you can minimize this load by embedding videos.

  • There are also some other ways and factors but I have discussed  main factors with you.

  • Keep your Website/Blog updated to latest versions especially if you are using CMS platforms.

Speed or Loading time of your Website/Blog is a very important factor in seo and ranking of website because if your website has long loading speed it will impact users experience and search engines want good users experience.

Robot.txt File : It also plays a good role in SEO because robot.txt tells the search engine crawlers which page they have to visit or crawl and which page they should not visit or crawl. How robot.txt is helpful? Suppose you don't want any part of your website to be indexed or presented to the audience. Here comes the role of robot.txt because it tells the search engine crawlers that where and where not they have to crawl on your website. Inspect your robot.txt properly to remove any false instructions because false instructions may lead to blockage of indexing and crawling.

Hreflang Attribute  : If you are using different languages on your website or you have the same pages or content translated in different languages on your website or you have different versions of the same content then Hreflang Attribute is very helpful for you in seo. It is basically Html Tag which gives a signal to search engines which language and geographical region you are targeting for that version of page and connection between different versions of the same page.

Suppose You have two versions of the same page on your website i-e Spanish and Arabic and you want specific versions to be shown to specific users. This may confuse search engines because your content is the same but although language is different so this is the point where Hreflang Attribute may help you.

Hreflang usage at this point may help you by giving signal to search engines that which version page is targeted to users of which language  and geographical region so that Google can show the correct version of the page according to user language and geographical region.

Breadcrumbs :  it is basically a path shown at the top of the page or under the navigation bar. It basically helps users and google in navigation that where they are on your website.

According to Google 

"A breadcrumb trail on a page indicates the page's position in the site hierarchy, and it may help users understand and explore a site effectively"

It helps search engines and users to understand the structure and hierarchy of your website making it easy for users to explore your website + helping crawlers to crawl and index your website easily because helping them in understanding searching of your website. It helps in creating good user experience by helping them un navigation.

It contributes to user experience and Google or other search engines want good user experience that is why it is important for you to consider breadcrumbs trails while doing seo of your website.

There are also some other parts of technical  SEO but I have discussed main and popular parts in the above section now we will move to some other parts of SEO.


Local SEO 

If you have a local business site then local seo is important for you as its name hints that it is for locals. In short local seo is optimizing your local business website or online business presence to certain targeted areas.

It is said that 46% of total google searches are local, What is meant by these local searches? For example you search on google "best car washers in Newyork" so user want best car washers from Newyork not from whole world (this is local search) and if you have car washing service in Newyork and you have website obviously you will not want to rank your business website in  Washington, here come the role of Local SEO which will help you to rank your site in Newyork not in whole USA or any other region.

When it comes to local SEO there are two subtypes of results you see on Google when you do local search.

  • Local Pack - Google My Business | GMB

  • Organic Search Results - Websites

Local Business Website

If you want to target a local audience then you have to optimize your website for targeted location. There are many small steps which you have to take and they will combine to produce good results. 

Search engines want to provide its audience for what they are looking for so if you have a local business website, you have to optimize it in such a way that search engines will show your website to your targeted audience when they will search for your targeted keywords. I'll discuss some main factors you have to care about.

Domain : Your domain name plays an important role in SEO and you have to buy domain to start your business website. It is among the first steps that is why I'm starting with it. 

Suppose you are doing business in Newyork and you want Newyork audience which is in USA, you are not targeting Audience outside USA so why not you use your Country Specific Domain mostly Called ccTLD because if you will use USA country code top-level domain, it will signal search engines that you are targeting usa audience not outside usa and this will also help in ranking your website in USA. 

"NAP is basically Your Business  NAME,  ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER"

Remember your nap should be the same in all mentions and links of your local business.

Optimizing Pages : Your NAP and page content help google in understanding your targeted area. First You have to optimize your home, contact and other pages by adding your business information, adding map location of your business, providing proper contact information etc. 

Contact Page : Create a fully optimized contact page containing all your necessary local business information.

Content optimization : You also need to optimize your content according to your targeted local audience by adding local keywords in your content, by adding your area name and neighbouring areas names and information as it will help to optimize your content for neighbouring audience. Add your NAP in your content.

Try to create local content and try to provide such content which solves local people queries and helps them in finding what they are looking for.

Title : Add your targeted area like city name in your title and descriptions of pages, articles etc. 

Phone Button : Add Clickable Phone Number so that users can call you directly from your website.

Location Map : Add your location map in your website because it will help users and search engines in understanding your location.

Schema Markup : It is also among important seo techniques to boost your ranking and SEO. It is basically code which helps search engines understand your website more properly and represent it to users in a better way. 

Add locally optimized schema markup to your local business website because it will help google to understand your local business website like understanding your address, location, contact etc. leading to contribution in local seo of your website so try to use fully optimized schema markup according to your local business  because it help in SEO and ranking. 

Build Citation :  you also need to spend some time listing your business in local directories, blogs, forums etc. Because it will signal search engines about your website and help in seo. Citation means any online mention of your business including your name, address, phone number etc. 

Citation is very important specially for local businesses because it will signal search engines about your business leading to popularity, seo and ranking of your local ranking.

Remember that NAP should be the same in all mentions and listings.

Backlinks : Creating backlinks is very important in SEO so you have to focus on creating backlinks for your local business website. You can go for local blogs, websites, directories, forums, social media platforms etc. 

Social Media Platforms : Create your business profiles on all popular and main social media platforms i-e Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. because social media users are increasing day by day and social presence of businesses is very important to create connection with their audience. Social media is a way to grow your brand easily because of the number of social media audiences.

Many social media platforms offer you to add your business web links in your profile like you can add your link in Instagram Bio, in Facebook posts/pages/groups etc. This will also create backlinks for your business websites + social media offer you more ways to connect with your audience and analyze your audience.

Collaborate : Another way to grow your local brand or business is to collaborate with other brands and businesses. In collaboration You basically team up with another brand or business and you both help each other in growing your businesses according to your deal.

Local Pack | GMB

When You do local search on google You may find a page including map and business results with ratings from your local area. It mostly shows three results and a map but users can see more results by clicking on more options present on this page.

This is basically Local Pack which google shows you according to your search query and your area. If you are not using this feature then you may be losing something because This feature is very important for you if you have local service or business. 

How to appear in a Local Pack?

To appear in Local pack you have to register on Google My Business, which is free of cost and create your GMB page including your business Information. This is an easy process but is very important for your local business. In Local Pack google doesn't show websites but it shows business listings so you have to list your business properly in Your Google My Business Page. 

Try to add all related information related to your business in your listing, Add your address properly because you are doing local seo and the local audience will need your address, optimized images, location etc. Complete all verification so that Google can verify you completely. 

Your business Description should be fully optimized targeting your focused Keywords and choose your business category properly because google will consider all these things before showing you in Local Pack. Like websites and blogs there is also high competition in Local Pack ranking and it is increasing day by day because all local businesses are trying to digitalize.

  • Add Address, website & Contact

  • Add Accurate Working hours 

  • Add fully optimized listings

  • Add Fully Optimized Photos and Videos

  • Add SEO friendly Description

  • Use GMB Q&As

  • Use GMB Posts Feature

  • Use GMB App to manage your account 

  • Respond Customer Reviews

  • Reply Customers Messages 

There are also some other things you have to do but these are main things for seo of GMB Listing. NAP in your GMB profile should be the same as provided on your website and other citations.

Mobile-Friendly : Most of searches done in present time is through mobile because of increasing use of mobiles day by day, Now suppose if your website takes too much time to load on mobile or your theme/template/design is not mobile friendly or your content is not easily readable or reachable on mobile it will affect users experience and search engine want good users experience.

Creating mobile friendly websites is very important, you can answer this question to yourself how much searches do you do on a laptop and how much on mobile? Now question com how will you optimize your website for mobile users?

I'll discuss some ways to make your site mobile friendly.

Speed : Optimizing your website speed is very important because If your website will take too much to load users will leave your website and go for some other and Google count speed as ranking factors. There are many ways to optimize your website speed. Some ways to improve your site speed:

  • Minify Code

  • Compressed and Optimized Images

  • Fast theme or design

  • Minimize Redirects

  • You can use Lazy Loading

  • embedded Videos

  • There are some other factors but these are common

Responsive Design : Your design should be responsive according to the device user is using. What is a responsive theme? Responsive designed websites change their layout or design with respect to Device user is using for better user experience.

It is very important to use responsive website design because different devices have different sizes so your website should adjust with the device size and present its data to the user in a better way leading to good user experience and SEO.

AMP Project : it stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is basically an open source project focused on increasing website loading speed on mobile searches. It is designed to make your mobile version of a website load faster for better user experience.

AMP basically increases your website speed by implementing certain restrictions like limitations on ads, user interface web design by putting certain CSS and Javascript limitations, it may also remove some UX elements etc.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using AMP version of web pages but mainatarget is to lighten up site speed. AMP pages have a bolt icon when they app6in Google SERPS that signal that this is an AMP page, AMP Carousel are basically card styled stories presented to users on mobile search which include only those AMP Pages. 

Pop-ups : your pop-ups should not be so large that they cover the entire screen hiding the content for what the user is looking for + Control number of pop-ups because this may lead to user frustration. Try to minify the number of pop-ups and optimize the size and placement of pop-ups for good user experience.

Title and Meta Description : optimize your title and meta description so your title and meta Description should contain targeted Keywords and their length and format should be user and search engine friendly.

Website Mobile Layout : Mobile layout of your website should be user friendly because mobile has small screen size while desktop has large screen so optimizing your content to be presented in mobile in such a way that it is easy for users to understand and use your website is very important. Like optimization of images with respect to mobile, Text size and format, icons and button sizes, social share buttons, drop down menus, bars etc.

There are also many other factors to focus on but these are common.

Voice Search SEO : with advancement in technology and search methods voice searching is also growing because it is easy to do search rather than typing the search query. Many people use mobile assistance to do search or take actions on devices and the number of voice search users are growing day by day due to its ease of use. If your content is related to voice search you can do voice search seo for your website. Now a question arises how you will optimize your website for voice search? 

Content : You have to optimize your content and title for voice search. For example when you do  normal search on Google you will search "today's weather" but when you will do voice search you will probably say "How is weather today" if we conclude this example the final result is that you have to optimize your content for those keywords which users mostly use for voice search like long Tail Keywords, Questioning type keywords etc. Try to target conversational Key

Schema Markup : Add schema markup/structured data to your website to help search engines in understanding and indexing your content properly. Schema Markup has been discussed above.

Mobile Friendly : as you know that voice search is mostly done on mobiles so optimized your content and website to make it mobile friendly and user friendly. Mobile Friendly SEO has been discussed above.

Local Search : Optimized your content for local search because many people do voice search related to local queries like "best hotels near me" so optimize your content for local searches and ranking. Local SEO has been discussed above.

FAQs Type Pages : Create FAQs type pages or create such content which answer customers/people questions. 

GMB - Google My Business : Create your Google My Business Page specially if you have local business, it is also discussed in detail in above section.

In short if you want to do Voice Search SEO you have to optimize your website and content in such a way  that it should be voice search friendly. Do Voice Search SEO if you think that voice search seo can improve your traffic and grow your business but if you think that voice  search seo can put negative effects on your ranking and traffic then be careful. For example one of your page is ranking for normal search keywords and is getting good traffic and if you think that doing voice search seo of that page will produce negative effects like fall in ranking, traffic etc. then obviously be careful before taking decision of doing voice search of that page but if you think voice search seo can increase the ranking and traffic of that page then you can do Voice Search Seo of that page. In short, try to make decisions after proper research.

Ecommerce SEO : If you have an ecommerce website, What is your main goal?? Obviously to get more sales and to get more sales you need more traffic and for more traffic you need ranking and for ranking you have to do Seo.

Some main SEO factors for ecommerce website :

  • Do proper Keyword research.

  • Optimize your content with respect to targeted keywords.

  • Structure your website properly.

  • Security of your website is very important so optimize your website for security factors.

  • Theme and design of your ecommerce website should be user friendly.

  • Do proper On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO properly (All Discussed Above)

  • Optimizing your website for speed is very important for good user experience and it is also a ranking factor therefore optimize your website to increase loading speed. (Speed Factor Discussed above)

  • Back link building is very important.

  • Optimize your website for mobile users and make it Mobile-Friendly.

  • Add Proper optimized products videos, images, title and Description focusing your targeted keywords.

  • Optimize your site architecture.

  • Do Local SEO If Your website is targeting local audiences.

  • Optimize Urls properly containing your targeted keywords.

  • Add Schema Markup.

  • Structure and Categorize your content and products properly so that visitors and crawlers can easily explore your website.

  • Try to make use of all main social media platforms to gain social media audience and grow your business through social media.

  • Your website should be designed and structured in such a way that users should not feel any difficulty while using your website.

There are also other factors but these are main and common points and factors.

With increase in digital Marketing trend, eCommerce trend is also increasing many businesses are digitizing so competition is also increasing therefore doing proper SEO of your website is very important to rank your content, gain traffic and grow your business.

SEO is a combination of tiny factors which contribute together to create big effects. The SEO factors and parts I've discussed in the above section of this guide but there are still some other factors because search engines continuously update their algorithms and SEO is basically optimizing your website according to demands of search engine algorithms. 

While optimizing your website you have to focus on two things : User Experience and Search Engine Crawlers experience. 

The priority of any search engine is his users' experience because bad user experience leads to negative effects for search engines and obviously search engines don't want its users to have bad experiences. This is why you have to optimize your content for users and search engines are continuously updating their algorithms to provide users for what they are looking for and provide best quality results to users.

Now if we move to a search engine crawlers perspective, it is also very important to optimize content for crawlers and bots because if your website content is producing hurdles for crawlers in crawling, understanding and indexing your content then it is obviously not good for you. For example  bad structured website, content duplication etc. 

So optimize your content in such a way that both users and search engine crawlers can understand your content and website structure easily and properly. 

I've tried to discuss SEO in a brief way but I've tried to make you understand the Search Engine Optimization properly and briefly. SEO is very important because the competition is increasing day by day and to compete with your competitors and rank higher in such high competition you need to fulfil search engine demands and to fulfil search engine demands you need to know what search really wants from you and how search engines work?

You have to optimize your website in such a way that it should land on search engine demands. 

Analyzing Your Competitor : Suppose you want to rank for certain Keyword and other web pages are ranking on that keyword, in such situation you have to analyze your competitors web pages ranking on target Keyword and you have to write content unique from their content and try to maintain quality of your content better than the other pages already ranking on certain Keyword because if you have low quality content than already ranking pages, I think Google has no need to rank your page higher than those pages whose quality is better than you.

  • Analyze Their Content Quality 

  • Backlinks

  • Content structure

  • External Links

  • Content length

  • Images, Videos

  • Keyword organization

  • Try to analyze all main SEO factors from their content

For analysis of other websites or Keyword research there are many tools available in the market for example ahref, semrush etc.

Now you have to do SEO of your content according to your analysis results and try to do better SEO than your competitors. Try to help people and answer their queries.

Register your website on Google search console which is basically a free tool provided by google through which you can check performance and analyze your website according to Google search. It provides you information like indexing & crawling problems, requesting index, google search crawling data, some issues etc.

Also submit your website in other search engines webmaster tools like bing webmaster tools, Baidu webmaster tools etc. 

Don't forget to create your business pages or profiles on all leading social media platforms because social media Marketing is an important part of digital Marketing and social media users are increasing day by day so don't miss opportunities of growing your business through social media. Social media is also a good way of creating connections with the audience. It can help you in analysing and understanding the audience.

Don't forget to add social media sharing buttons for all major social media platforms because it can help visitors to easily share website content or website links, if they want.

Also add social media profiles on your website and website links on your social media, this will help sending traffic from social media to websites and from websites to your social media profiles.

I hope this SEO Guide was helpful for you and I'm sorry for any mistake in this guide. 

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